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Information for the patients

Nowadays it is possible to remove an excess of fat or cellulite. Liposculpture, the most modern form of the liposuction, is an aesthetic treatment to permanently remove excess fat from places it won't just go away with the help of dieting or physical exercise. Liposculpture is the most common treatment among plastic surgeries.

Liposculpture with skin tightening in the BCAS Clinic

Liposculpture improves the contours of your body to increase your health and confidence.  Thanks to liposculpture you can now permanently remove excessive fat on the outside of your thighs. You can now get a flat stomach and a slim waist. The result is permanent. The body doesn't produce any fat cells after puberty. This means that fat cells that have been removed by liposculpture can't be replaced. That's why the body can't store any more fat in the treated locations. The treatment doesn't cause general weight loss. It is not a solution to slim down. Liposculpture improves the contours of your body but doesn't affect your body weight. To be able to enjoy your body contours it is necessary to exercise and to adapt a healthy eating pattern. Liposculpture is also effective for men. Usually men complain of too much fat on the stomach and the hips. In spite of hours spent doing ab crunches, the excessive fat on the stomach will never entirely disappear. With the help of liposculpture all this unnecessary fat can be removed permanently. There is no age limit for the liposculpture. Although the skin loses some elasticity at the age of 55 it still follows the reduction of the fat layer and tightens. Patients' age ranges from 18 to 65. Not only the fat removal but the tightening of skin and underlying tissue in the treated arreas is an objective of liposculpture. Therefore it is suitable for patients of any weight.

The procedure

Sedation anesthesia without intubation is the most common sort of anesthesia for liposculpture. The procedure takes less than an hour to complete. The duration of the treatment depends on the amount of fat that needs to be removed and the number or locations that need to be treated. A mixture of local anesthetics and physiologic solution is being injected trough a couple of incisions of approximately 3-4 mm. This causes the fat to swell. Next, a thin tube that is connected to a vacuum pump is inserted through the same incisions. By smooth up and down movements and vibration the fat is now being removed in a precise and even way. The fat is collected and the amount of it is verified with the patient. Immediately after surgery, the treated area is being supported by elastic garment. Approximately 2 hours after procedure the patient may leave the clinic. The results become visible right after the procedure. You can then enjoy the look of your new body contours. Some hours later the treated arreas undergo some slight swelling. Some bruising may appear but not always. However all of this will disappear after 7 to 10 days. You should also take into account that the day of the treatment little amounts of serum might escape the incisions. But that is just part of it. The scars are approximately 3-4 mm lines and are located in the skin folds. They become completely invisible after 4 to 6 months.


Most of the people have little inconveniences after liposculpture. In a few days your movement should be the way it used to before the procedure. Despite of that, we recommend you to take a few days off to increase the speed of your recovery. Most patients can resume their everyday activities including physical exercise 5 to 7 days after the treatment. You may resume all sports activities wearing a supportive garment from the second week after liposculpture.

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